We already have the perfect companions for the Ara-Mex fusion cuisine menu from Aragon and Mexico. We have been able to get in touch with producers in the territory, in order to take advantage of the magnificent products that are generated in this land.

Our new friend Arriel, with a great friendship with the neighbors of Artieda, showed us the quality of their cheeses, with a varied tasting, from which we chose the ones that best fit with our cuisine. Quesos Oxortical

Quesos Oxortical

These cheeses together with the Embutidos de Berdún, make a mixture that will be a delight for your palates, which mixed with some of the craft beers we offer, demonstrates the quality of the products of the area, small villages of the Aragonese and Navarrese Pyrenees, which In addition to its architecture and landscapes, the production will also make them or they are already famous, Berdún, Villanua, Burgui, Aineto or Hecho are some examples of it.


The craft beers we offer are Pirineos Bier, Borda and Xorta,, with a wide variety of types,  ginger, with lemon, RIPA, ALE and many more.

And finally, a glass of quality pacharán, Partcharan the liquor of the Sierra de la Partacua, Tramacastilla de Tena, where in addition to the recipe of the grandmother, they do it with mint flavor, spicy or pink pepper.

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