El Camino de Santiago quiet, peaceful, away from the crowds and saturated  hostels , sharing bedrooms with many people, the Camino de Santiago Aragonés is not it, especially if you do not follow the proposal of all websites and reviews that always recommend the same routines, because that is not the meaning of the pilgrimage, but rather it is about being able to enjoy the Camino in a form of introspection and walking towards the interior of oneself.

But it is also about meeting people from different parts of the world, and discovering that everyone has their reasons to go to Santiago. For us as hospederos it is fortunate to meet people so varied and willing to share their experience, we hope we are able to motivate you so that the beginning of this adventure is as expected outside or as it was on another occasion in the case of repeating it.

In the area where we are, the Canal de Berdún , where the villages are separated from each other and the services shine by their absence, we hope that the Albergue de peregrinos de Artieda will be like an island in the sea, where you can rest, enjoy our gastronomy and find a smile after long hours of walking.

The Camino is also enjoying nature, and Artieda and its surroundings is a place to savor the smells and colors offered by the landscapes that surround us. Watch to fly red kites over the fields, with the Pyrenees always in the background marking the begining from which we come, their snowy peaks that make the Aragón river meander eroding the territory and making clear its ability to draw landscapes to meet the Yesa reservoir.

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