Restaurant Guru 2021 Recommend Albergue Restaurante de Artieda

At the Albergue de Artieda restaurant we believe that as well as a language, gastronomy says a lot about the culture to which it belongs. The dishes, through ingredients and cooking, have flavors, the history of the place where they are made, they speak to us without words about the traditions, customs and experiences that the people who prepare and consume them have. The food, in addition to satisfying us, can take us back and take us to know distant places in time and place.

In the kitchen of the Artieda Hostel Restaurant we want to praise the ingredients that have been produced in this region.

Ingredients that have accompanied the lives of its inhabitants for hundreds of years and make this a unique and delicious cuisine. We also want those who stop to eat here, either for a special occasion, as part of the Camino de Santiago or after doing any of the activities that can be done in the surroundings of Artieda, to be able to transport themselves and discover other places in the world through their palate. world. In our fires we mix recipes, ingredients, flavors and culinary techniques from different cuisines to create dishes that have their own identity and reflect the soul of Artieda’s philosophy. We think that by cooking we share who we are, our origins and what we have experienced. We have our own garden from which we promote food sovereignty. We try to use fresh, seasonal and local products because we believe that favoring the local economy is of vital importance for the development and keeping the towns alive. We invite you to visit our town, admire its landscapes and discover its flavors.

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